Cycling Grand Prix

12:00 - 12:00, 30 Aug 2020

Coach Ravinder

Event Details

The wheels of life go on - Lockdown or not! Better still if your wheels make you fit. The cyclists had
to wait it out for a bit. But just a bit. No one is taking away our mornings from us.
There's a reason the sales of cycles have gone up immediately after the lockdown. More people have
gotten back to their most favourite childhood machine than one could imagine! Lockdown has truly
brought us back to the best of basics.
And we have come back with a cycling focussed events for all kinds of cyclists. Seasoned. New. And
the ones who left it after they grew up!
Here is the format.
This team format will help beginners (doing shorter distances) to run under the guidance of a senior
partner and it will be a great help for seasoned runners (doing longer distances) to run as a team,
crewing for each other
Cycling Categories:-
15Km Team Ride (6am start, Team of 2; each will complete 15Km)- 550/-
30Km Team Ride (5:30am start, Team of 2; each will complete 30Km)- 550/-
50Km Team Ride (5am start, Team of 2; each will complete 50Km)- 550/-
80Km Team Ride (5am start, Team of 2; each will complete 80Km)- 550/-
100Km Team Ride (5am start, Team of 2; each will complete 100Km)- 550/-

Last date of registration is 25th Aug.

Participants Takeaways-
Finisher Medal & Certificate. Ranking on Leader board
You have options to buy Cycling Grand Prix merchandise while registering.
Unisex Cycling Jersey with full zipper (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL)- Rs 700/-
Bandana- Rs 250/-
White Drifit Cap- Rs 250/-
300ml Easy Grip Water Bottle (set of 2pcs, assorted colors)- Rs 100/-
350ml Sipper with Strap (set of 2pcs, white)- Rs 250/-

- To participate, simply form a team of two of any combination (man+man or woman+man or
woman+woman) and register out of 5 distance categories available i.e. 15Km, 30Km, 50Km, 80Km
and 100Km Ride
- Each team member will have to complete the distance as mentioned in their chosen category e.g. If
a team has chosen 15Km Team Ride then the total distance run by team will be 30Km
- Minimum entry age to participate is 14 Years as on July 31, 2020
Cycling Grand Prix Champion:

If Cycling groups are able to field one team each (only man+woman team) in all 5 distance categories
and in the process fielding 10 participants then they will be part of Cycling Grand Prix Championship.
Such groups can submit team members’ name to us after completing registration process.
The groups of 10 such cyclists (5 teams covering 5 unique distance categories) will compete to
become Grand Prix Champion
Group clocking cumulative fastest time will be the winner.

- The leader board will be up on 31st morning displaying rankings
- It will have teams’ performance wise listing and rankings in each distance.
- The team will man+man, woman+man and woman+woman combinations
- There will be no age category listing.
General event related queries may be addressed to

Waiver statement: 
I affirm and state that I am physically fit and sufficiently trained for participating in the designated
walking event. I have been certified to be physically fit by licensed medical practitioner and agree to
indemnify the organizers its agents, employees and associates, the organizing committee and other
persons connected to the event against any losses, damages, costs, liabilities, claims or proceedings
arising out of any misstatement and/ or misrepresentation made herein.