December Endurance Challenge

01 Dec 2021 - 01 Jan 2022

 Runizen/Evantik brings to you last monthly challenge of 2021 for you all Fitness Enthusiast 

                                                              December Endurance Challenge


Finish your  year 2021 with a fitness challenge and on a High and Healthy note
This challenge is  designed in such a format that each of you will come our more stronger and tougher
This is a 31 days Challenge starting from 1st Dec 2021 to 31st Dec 2021 .
Your data will be captured automatically from your Strava/Garmin  (or any other app which can be connected with these 2 app ) and updated on real time basis on Leaderboard.

Run Categories:- 
Rookie           -    3km   Run per Activity 
Starter             -   5km   Run Per Activity  
Experienced    -   10km Run Per Activity  
Vintage           -   21km Run Per Activity   

Cycling Categories:-  
 Rookie           -    10km   Cycling Per Activity   
Starter             -   25km   Cycling Per Activity   
Experienced    -   50km   Cycling Per Activity   
Vintage           -   100km Cycling Per Activity   
Rookie           -   2km  Walk Per activity
Starter           -   3km  Walk Per activity
Experienced  -   5km   Walking  Per activity
Vintage         -   10km Walking per activity 

Participants Takeaways- 
-  E-Certificate
 - Medals 
  Note- Merchandise will not get courier if  International address .

Automated Leader Board:
- There will be Strava / Garmin based tracking  . 
- The leader board will be updated on real time basis 
-  It will displaying rankings based on total distance 
- It will also show ranking on basis of age category and gender wise 
- You will be able to see each activity of other participants with whom you are competing .
- Please note one account can be linked to one Strava profile. If you have registered for others, please make separate accounts for each participant by following the above steps.
 Winner will be decided on maximum Number of activities of selected distance if number of activities are same then speed will be taken into consideration if speed is same then total distance will be considered to decide the winner .
- Winners Trophies for Overall topper in each Category either Male or Female.( Minimum criteria of 21 activities should be completed for winners to be eligible for trophy )

All queries may be addressed to , 

Waiver statement

I affirm and state that I am physically fit and sufficiently trained for participating in the designated walking event. I have been certified to be physically fit by licensed medical practitioner and agree to indemnify the organizers its agents, employees and associates, the organizing committee and other persons connected to the event against any losses, damages, costs, liabilities, claims or proceedings arising out of any misstatement and/ or misrepresentation made herein.